Writer. Aspiring Author.

I have a passion for people watching and am always intrigued by their behaviors. I eavesdrop into conversations for dialogue. I use other peoples’ senses, movements, and responses for inspiration, but I let my imagination wander and the character drives the story.

I tend to write about the darker side of life—I love pulp fiction. I don’t wish to put a genre or style on my writing. I feel it limits my imagination, words and voice. I want to be able to write whatever, whenever.

My blog is a mixture of things I love and love writing about—Short Stories, Poems, Living a healthy life, Cooking/Baking, Fashion and Costuming, Current Events, Theatre, Dive Bars, Music, (maybe even a novel) … Rollerskating…

I love creating collage art!

My new motto right now is, “Before you can fly, you have to be free.”

I love my dog!!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I guess I’m a freshie at blogging, ok I started a couple of years ago but so far only managed eight posts. Words, like most things in life don’t come easy to me. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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