Sober Drinks

wine-with-friends-36919717776  Everyone likes to have a good time with their friends, right? However not everyone likes to add liquor to the equation. Whatever the reason that one may not wish to participate in the guzzle of fermented pines and needles is not always accepted. And what I mean by accepted is the blatant peer ignorance — by the end of the night the drinkers are wondering why you’re not drinking and you may begin to come up with random excuses: I have a pet funeral tomorrow, I’m with child, My boyfriend won’t be able to cook, I’m allergic, It will hinder the way I drive you home later, etc.

By this time you wish you were drinking.2011-04-27-worstshothp

Having a Sober Drink in my hands I find I am not in the way of comments such as, “Why aren’t you drinking?”, or,  over and over again “Hey, can I get you drink?” Ironically when I do want a cocktail there is no one in sight offering to buy me one.

Sober Drinks are more than just  water, soda, and juice. images

They can be tall and frothy or short and sweet, fun, tasty, healthy… and deceiving to the drunk eye. My favorite Sober Drink is the “Sweet Tart” — Muddled lemon, Cranberry juice with a splash of OJ and cherry juice, shaken with ice and poured over a lime wedge served in any cocktail glass — I prefer a martini glass, classy.


In this page I will explore delicious ingredients creating recipes for new, original, and borrowed Sober Drinks. I will take them to the test and explore venues for energetic bartenders. Indulge in a night of fun without the headache.

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