Food or Pills or Both

images-36     have heard my whole life that I need to take vitamins. “Why?” I always asked myself. The reply was usually a generic, because you need to make sure you get all the nutrients you need in a day. Whoa, what. You mean the food I eat isn’t enough?? I just couldn’t rap my head around it. I would even go as far as to buy the pretty decorated bottle of Supplements, but, I never took them. I felt like I was cheating. I’d rather eat food instead of pills — food is more tasty, filling and fun to make. With that said I understand that after prepping and cooking fruits and veggies can lose some of their nutritional value — Ok, but how does a synthetic pill make up for that. After I asked this question I was turned onto whole food vitamins. I thought, “I’ll try it.” So for the past 12 years I have been eating organic food and taking whole food vitamins.


Pills do not taste great, and they are the size of my thumb. Taking them is not my favorite part of the day and could often be skipped. I started juicing — without a juicer, super hard to do by hand and I don’t suggest this method. I thought I could lose the supplement. It was tasty, but oh my gosh was I hungry, all the time. Then I read juicing and eating raw food is OK, but like everything else, in moderation. I learned about balancing raw and cooked food in order to have smooth digestion and, of course, balance. I felt healthy with this diet yet I still lacked energy. I craved meat which I assume a lack of iron… and I am sure Dr. Oz could and would tell me more. Again I was back to adding a supplement to my everyday diet.

As time moved forward so did my research on healthy, nutritious living. I found out my whole food vitamins weren’t so whole. Ugh, here we go again, only this time its about GMO’s. My “wholy-goodness” pill became only half as good. And I was back to feeling guilty about spending money on vitamins, because I am not going to eat them, because even though I can pronounce what is in them, it is still not good enough and contradicts the purpose. Did you know that ascorbic acid is not vitaminC. According to true vitamin C without GMO’s is not even sold in the U.S. One will have to go online to European, Canadian, etc. companies for purchase. Or, just eat some green and red peppers — preferably organic. Grocery shopping has become a chore no doubt, I stand in the aisle twice as long reading labels. Fruits and veggies have become my favorite foods to shop for, they are the simplest — go to the section which reads Organic. Washing them gets a little task heavy, but worth it.

Researching information on what GMO’s are and how they are distributed through our food chain is frightening and a whole other blog post. I feel as though my options for truly healthUnknowny foods are becoming slimmer and more expensive. I love corn, now I don’t eat it. A cow and its byproducts — gone. Food, a very vital substance to daily health and life survival is the most compromised commodity, even the substitutes that the FDA wants to pump out are compromised, or rather full of stuff I can not pronounce let alone consume.

Are we going to get a break? Why yes I think we are…

So with a little digging I found out where there is a kind diet there is a kind vitamin. Alicia Silverstone had some similar questions about whole food supplements and has come up with an organic, non-gmo solution. Coupling with the company Garden of Life they have created a whole food vitamin, Kind Organics, found at www. I have yet to purchase any — I just found out about it, but you bet your pretty fanny I am on my way. You can go online and find out where the closest market is to you using the search tool. They seem to be wide spread through Whole Foods Market and The Vitamin Shoppe. My parents live in a very rural area, and Kind Organics are being sold there in the tiniest little health shop — so the search engine works, you can find them anywhere.

Food is still more better, but these little pills may be the help we need when our food lacks nutrition. Support your Local Organic Farmers, Support non-GMO, Promote healthy living.