The Pencil Skirt

hobble-skirt-2The pencil skirt was derived from a fashion trend named the “hobble skirt”, a skirt that makes one hobble when wearing it. In the early 1900’s a woman passenger of the Wright Brothers airplane was wearing a full skirt. She secured the bottom of her skirt together with tape so it would not blow around. This fashion statement hit the papers and became headline fashion news. French stylists went to work and birthed inspiration to a new line of women’s fashion which trends 75+ years to date.

Some say Christian Dior was the inventor of the pencil skirt. But I say Coco Chanel was the inspiration behind it. Regardless of which designer was the first to control the mobility of women by fashion, the classic lines of the pencil skirt still stand strong in todays fashion world for women of any size.


The pencil skirt will structure the waist, hips and legs creating a sleek and classy look. The usual slit, found in the back or side, allows room for movement creating a sexy and endearing style. However today’s designers use stretchy materials allowing mobility and creating a newer more modern look.

A simple solid black color will go with any figure.P00074063-WOOL-PENCIL-SKIRT--STANDARD

I respectfully advise that full figured women wear solid colors or horizontal lines. A more slender women may want to embrace floral and big prints to accentuate gracious curves.  P00071734-LACE-PENCIL-SKIRT-STANDARD

A classic length of the pencil skirt usually measures right below the knee, however this can vary dependent upon the wearer.

Coco exclaimed that every woman should “have a little black dress.” I proclaim that very woman should have a pencil skirt. It will complete any closet and add a strut of class to any style.

This classic skirt  can be used in several stylish ways; sleek office look, trendy theatre goer, downtown hipster, alternative-rocker, etc. Make it your own look by mixing and matching T-shirts, blouses, jackets, belts, stockings and shoes. Pencil skirts can be worn with tennis shoes, boots, flats, and the classic heel.

Ankle-Boots-with-Pencil-Skirt                vogue1023

An easy way to mix up any wardrobe is to parooze  fashion magazines. Finds trends and styles that match your own — tear out the pages and create your own fashion guide. Retrieve items from your closet that closely match the pictures and create outfits that will blow your friends mind, turn heads and move fashion trends.

One of my own favorite — Orange leopard print coupled with a light blue T-shirt and accessorized with fish net stalkings, red thin leather belt and Converse. Nordstrom, $$$. 100MEDIA$VIDEO0053_0000016419