What it is

So I found myself riding around on the tractor the other day with my dad tilling up the garden. All that planting and picking, hours of back cracking labor for what — to watch it get returned, recycled.

The cycle of life beneath my feet-the vibration of the machine and the cloudy sight of dirt spilling over itself crushing the once eatable vegetation. . . again and again, the blades cut through the ground, thrusting it into the depths of the earth. A sight unseen in the city. I am a creature of habit. I love the quiet and serene moments I have on the farm but I miss the hustle and bustle of the city, people and traffic below me. I love being able to look out my window and see the world. I am excited to move to the city and experience a new place. I will go from a four stroke to a two stroke in comparison of lifestyle between Albany and LA. What to wear . . .

images-6 I never go anywhere without my overalls, YES, I’m stuck in the 90’s. But, Honestly — they go with any style of shoe and if you go skimpy on top, it is sexy, sassy and jus a little rough and dirty.

My boots define me, I have more pairs than I need I’m sure — bet I’m not the only one though…

images-7          tin-haul-polka-bright-cowboy-boots-for-women-in-pink-turquoise~p~6732m_01~1500.2

HATS      images-9

HATS     20131218_140220

AND MORE HATS images-13

Of course I can’t forget the skinny jeans skinny-jeans-for-women-colored

There is always room for my pencil skirts, right next to my little black dresspencil-skirt-edit.gif

and my vintage shoes never stay behind images-10   along with the vintage jewelry

I only have pieces that I pick out for certain occasions, or that is given to me by my dead relativesimages-12Jewelryimages-14Jewelry Box 650

And finally, but lastly, my converse    images-11  Which go great with                                                                                                       My Grandma’s vintage blouses                                                                   images-8

Hmmmmmmmm, did I forget anything, It doesn’t matter. One of the awesome reasons moving is kool is the shopping for new clothes!!

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