Cherry Fizz at the Comedy Store

A night out at the Comedy Store is a sure thing for a gut hurting night. The men and women who take the stage in this venue will make the room roar and the chairs shake. The price is right for a night out with friends or taking your relatives who are visiting from Bizzaro Land, USA. cherries2_0The Comedy store has a great list of Sober Drinks for those light weights, non alcohol drinkers or the poor schmuck who was duped into volunteering as the sober driver. One of my favorite Sober Drinks is the Cherry Fizz. A sweet delight of cherry syrup mixed with 7up and coke then poured over ice. A great topper is a delicious, fresh maraschino cherry – especially if you are one who can twist the stem with your tongue, a sexy ice breaker.

Add a lime or lemon for dramatic effects.                      sparkling-cran-razzy-recipe-ew0410-lg

The Cherry Fizz is basically a dual version of the two drinks Roy Rogers and Shirley Temple, but who wants to order kiddie drinks at the bar? Let the bartender know you would enjoy a tasty Sober Drink from the non-alcohol drink list. Ask for a Cherry Fizz – explain it is a cherry coke mixed with 7up.

Cherry-Noir-Noel-by-Noshing-With-The-Nolands-SmallDrinks come in pairs at this particular venue – and all at one time. I suggest consuming one Sober Drink and a bottle of water. Even for those consuming alcohol, this is a healthy way to survive the next morning as well as keeping your second drink from becoming watered down and un-tasty. Enjoy the Cherry Fizz from the Sober Drink menu at the Comedy Store on your next visit.  $$


One tall Glass


Equal Portions 7up and coke

1/2 oz of grenadine

Mix together the coke and 7up, stir in grenadine and pour over ice. Make room for fizzing of the soda. Top with maraschino cherry. Enjoy!

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