Take Me Down — An Essay by Corrie Dibble


I wake up every morning to the sound of blaring alarms. The lights flip on and the guards start their rounds, waking the dead with their screeching doors and microphone voices. Those who decide to rebel against the morning call for the showers and breakfast will find themselves in a dark, cold, hungry room. I have been there. However, it was not for missing breakfast but for strangling the new guy; it was gunna be me or him.
We are here because we have crucified the innocent, the weak, and the poor fucking bastards who got in the way. I will be here for the rest of my life, wasting away in this dump. I bunk next a man who is a crazy pedophile, and steals my porn magazines. He cuts out the pictures from newspaper articles of the children he molested, raped, and murdered. He pastes the pictures onto the faces of the whores who are posed on the pages. He likes the images of 6 year old girls. Poor fuck, he doesn’t know when it will come, but he knows it will happen. I will snuff his breath and choke out his life — he will be asleep, but I will wake him. He will know he is going to die. Justify my actions by knowing that I can never leave here, so what is the fucking point. I bet the mothers of those kids will thank me. Then again, I slain a whole family for their trip money; fucking idiots.
My actions that I vomit upon this world and that poor family will send me to my grave in this shit hole. The men next to me who are waiting their deaths are even more evil — Hitler’s sons. The news reports called me a monster, but I am angel compared them.

We rot in here shackled to our own guilt. Knowing that each day to pass will be even more dismaying, and I detest the fact you people on the outside have to pay money for my way — how do you live with yourself, how do you let the government take your money to support me? My tolerance for this place is beginning to dissipate, and I will kill again. You think you can reform me, don’t you know the time you keep me in here I am planning my revenge. I would rather die than stay in here one more day of my life. I can say that my jailed friends feel the same way. So we make a proposal: put us all down like the sick dogs we are. Euthanize us, give us the shot, and be done with us all.


Do you really need to carry the baggage for those of us serving a life imprisonment, or for those fucking shits on death row? We laugh at you, paying our way. Your money is not wanted, and it should go to your loving, fake family. Killing us will save you a buck. It will provide more space for criminals who think they actually have a chance to change and become an uptight, law abiding, horses-ass citizen.

I may be a murderer, but I know how to read. We have a library and I have done my research. There are over 3,000 inmates nationwide who are on death row. Some of these guys have been here for ten years waiting for their peach pie. Image   There are over 140,000 inmates who have a life sentence without parole. Do you know what we have done to acquire such sentences, we are some sick bastards, and it’s ironic you pay to keep us alive. It is as if you are all waiting for the sadistic motherfuckers to get out and strike again. Your bleeding hearts will just bleed out. Just kill us already.
The price for the shot is $10.00. Think about it, you pay $60.00 dollars a day for 143,000 inmates. That is a total of $8,580,000.00 dollars each day per inmate for a lifetime. There is no end to this cycle. The day one of these guys leaves another one arrives. You people on the outside are so foolish for continuing to allow your government to tax you in order to save our sadistic asses.


It is time we all took control of our situations. The minute that the judge hits the gavel, The Man should take us to the morgue. Each inmate will then cost half the amount of one day in prison, and the tax payers will have to pay a one-time fee only. This will bring down the grotesque living expense from 8 million to 1.5 million. The criminals get what they really deserve, and you all can save money and put your precious kid through college; who will one day surprise you with a bastard son, and has dropped out of med school to open a medical marijuana dispensary.
It is now time that I take care of the situation with my cellmate. The others are waiting for me.

7 thoughts on “Take Me Down — An Essay by Corrie Dibble

    • Hmmm, yes, positive kool-ness is always dreamy, BUT, this was meant for satire!! Just one form anyways. Love ya Paul, thanks for the follow, the support and the love. Thanks for being a great friend!

  1. Yes, Fiction!! I write character and dialogue. However, The facts were true about money spent. Prisoners on death row can spend as much time as ten years waiting to die, and it’s inhumane and we pay for it. I interviewed a few guys from the Oregon federal Prison and some of the facts the character describes — the hole, nasty guards, bribes, murder — were based on their testimonies. What the interviewees talked about was sometimes horrifying.

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