Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I am sorry if I don’t respond much or write much over the next few weeks. I have taken on a production job for the next four weeks and the hours are very long and the days don’t end!!! My love will have to hover on the side line — my writing and blogging — but I must pay the bills with real money instead of the monopoly money floating around in my head. I will be keeping you all involved with the production as this will be the top subject I write about.

The production: Week One

Cal Lutheran University

First I have to say I love food, I can eat just about anything as long as it’s delicious and delightful in my mouth.

During a shoot a usual perk is free lunch. And because we were on a campus it was very convenient for the crew to eat in the cafeteria. NOW, this school is a private school. The cost in tuition isn’t pretty —  $37,000 per year, and the meal plan is separate and just as ugly — $1600 – $6000 per semester.

One would think with those prices the food would be edible. Here I ask you, the readers, to think back to grade school or high school cafeteria food. YAY, it was that bad. At first sight everything seemed fine. High tech POS ordering system, organized areas for salad bar, cereal bar, toast bar, soup station, hot food area, sushi bar, and make-it-yourself-sandwhich bar.


I approached the soup and decided on the clam chowder, white as milk and thick as flour tasting like cream of sour mushroom. I spit the soup back in the bowl, in front of everyone — who I didn’t know any of ’em. I then heard from a fellow crew member the fries and chicken strip basket were microwaved, WHAT — Microwaved deep fried food. The pasta was under cooked and the caesar salad I ordered came with wilted lettuce — the chicken bites were made from processed meat, scary. I was not impressed, and we had to eat this “food” for the next three days. If I were homeless I wouldn’t complain, I’m sure. However paying $6000 for a semester worth of meals is well worth the chicken strips to come out crispy and the lettuce fresh!!

I wait with wonder for what the next university will serve us??

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