Potatoes with Honey, What!!??


I am getting creative in the kitchen these days, I guess. I have stopped using recipes and started going by smell, taste and looks. I can’t say I have completely stopped with the recipe book, I sometimes need reminders for temperatures and cook times. This summer my boyfriends kids are here and I have cooked more food than ever before. We have a growing 16 yr. old boy—holy moly can he pack it in. I am trying to stay as healthy as possible for him and his sisters.

Tonight I have decided on roasted veggies and potatoes with some couscous and fresh cut watermelon on the side.


I separated the potatoes from the veggies for the purpose of space—with so much food I use two casserole dishes. Basically using all the veggies in my fridge creates an array of color.

1. Green and Orange Peppers
2. Whole, Peeled Garlic Cloves
3. Zucchini
4. Squash
5. Snow peas
6. Asparagus

Olive oil and spices makes a great coating. (Depending on my mood I sometimes coat them with coconut oil, oh so good.) This time around I used cumin and chili powder, pepper, thyme and parsley—I think I’m feeling feisty!

A little whiff of sweetness came crawling up my nose as I squared the potatoes, I looked to my side and saw the honey, hmmmmm–I’m adding this. 


There you have it! I hope it turns out well. I added onions and mushrooms to the mix for a little caramelized candy action.

I love to cook. The best thing about these dishes is the fact there is no recipe to follow. You can easily obtain a healthy, balanced meal by color. I love the feel of water running over my hands while I clean the veggies. Peppers are my favorite. The texture is simultaneously soft and hard. They add color, flavor, and consistency. Whole roasted garlic cloves are delicious. You can add them to anything or roast them alone for a knock out spread. My mouth is watering thinking about the wonderful treat my taste buds are receiving tonight.


(Meat lovers—adding little bits of bacon creates a zesty boost for the couscous. The kids love it!)

What is for desert?

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