Cooking For Coolness, or Color??

Holy Moly summer weather, it is too hot to turn the oven on. What do you do when you are starving, but don’t want to cook a big meal?? I say, “salad me up.” What a way to get a nutritious and filling meal. Yes!! The salad is the whole meal. Salad is a delicious mix of all vegetables to your fancy, you can add fruits too — like mangos, mandarin oranges, strawberries, blueberries… (Dang, I should have added one of these tonight)


I heard once that a colorful meal feeds your soul as well as your brain, muscles, and nervous system. Creating a rainbow in a bowl is just what Dr. Chef recommends.

I started with couscous, as it boiled over a low flame I prepped the veggies. I don’t like my lettuce in huge pieces so I cut it into bite size, then I chop fresh basil. Next I pull bell peppers form the fridge–red and green, a good source of vitamin C. I cut broccoli to bite size and soak it in water, always wash your veggies thoroughly. Minced garlic adds some spice along with diced carrots and red onion. What else can I fit in there?? Oh, a nice ripe avocado for a topper will be nice and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds adds a little crunch. Sun-dried tomatoes and fresh, mixed-color roma tomatoes for something yellow, red and purple. I love those little, colored tomatoes — they are so tasty, juicy, and pop in your mouth.

After mixing it all together I have more than enough. Leftover’s for lunch tomorrow, maybe add some chic peas to it!! 

I layered the salad, avocado, nuts, a little lemon juice, a touch of honey mustard, and top it with the couscous. I couldn’t eat it fast enough. However don’t eat too fast, it will upset your tu20140916_175804mmy. For the drinkers out there a nice glass of red, dry wine goes well with this type of salad. MMMMMMM, stay cool and get full


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