Under The Influence

Her apartment was attached to a 1920’s converted hotel. The unit she lived in was an old, street level watering hole used for boarding sailors as they waited for their ships to sail. It was a loft style apartment, open and airy. Dimly lit by candles and white christmas lights gave it a warm and cozy feel, casting shadows across the brick walls.
“Let’s party.” Allen pulled a small black pouch from the side pocket of his jacket hanging on the arm of an oversized blue velvet chair. Inside the pouch was a pharmacy. “What do you want? I got it all tonight.”
“Coke?” She asked.
“Lets do a few lines first.”
“OK. Get that mirror from your bathroom, the small round one hanging in the shower. Make sure it’s dry this time.” He was pointing without looking up.
“Shut up.” She laughed.
He sprinkled out a pile of white powder and cut it into four chubby lines. He went first, snorted one line then the other rotating nostrils. She followed his lead.
“Another round?” He asked motioning to the whiskey bottle.
“Yay, I got the bottle.” She grabbed the Jack Daniels form the cement kitchen counter along with blue colored shot glasses. She poured two drinks while he carved out four more lines. His ass crack stuck out from an adult diaper as he bent over the mirror. Without his knowing she took a small vile of clear liquid from a locked box in a cupboard and poured it into one of the glasses.
“Bottoms up.” She said.
He tossed his head back and drank the spiked whiskey, she tossed hers into a plant next to the couch. She sauntered over to the entertainment center on the far wall and turned on the stereo. “Im Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred blared through the surround sound.
“I love this song, turn it up.” He said.
Of course you would, she thought and obliged him. She turned facing him and started to move her hips back and forth. Her hands twisted in her hair and she flung her head back, caressed her breasts and moved her hands slowly down her torso, she shimmied forward revealing a bit of cleavage over the black corset.
“Are you ready?” She was pointing her finger and moving it slowly motioning for him to come her way.
“Hell ya.”
“Are you going to be my good little boy?”
“Oh yes.” He tiptoed to her bed.
“Oh no naughty boy, why I have a surprise for you.” She slid her sleigh bed to the side, flipped back the yellow shag carpet and pulled up on a set of trap doors.
He stopped and pulled away from her hold. “Wait, I’m not going down there. What is that.”
“Don’t worry, C’mon. C’mon baby boy.” She was taunting him again with her gloved finger.
He was skeptical, but went with her down the dark stairs.
“See, no boogie man.”
Slipping back into his role-play he said, “I forgot my toys miss,” in an awkward high pitched baby voice.
“You won’t need them, I have better one’s where we are going.” She nodded towards her extra large red and white tricycle stocked with bells, whistles and an attached backseat.
The tunnel was musty, the concrete floor was cold and there was limited light, just enough streaming from the crack of the ceiling illuminating the immediate area of where they stood.
“It’s dark down here.”
“Don’t worry little boy, you will be safe with me.” She lit a lamp hanging in the handlebar basket, “Hold on.”
She rode the tricycle through the curvy tunnel for about ten minutes, all the way they sang nursery rhymes.
They approached a small opening where she could turn the bike around coming to a stop. “This is my special place.” She laughed a little.
“Where are we miss?”
“Someplace that only the damned come.”
She pushed open a heavy wooden door. Inside was an old water tower hollowed out and now decorated like the inner parts of a circus tent. In the middle of the space a hole was dug out of the wooden planks, water sloshed up against the edges. Around it was a table full of candles, she lit them all. The light shone off porcelain doll faces stuffed into a corner of the room where a small gouge had eroded into the wall. Painted on the stone walls were black and white heart shaped polka dots. On the side of the table was a small pull out drawer, in it was a variety of drugs and their utensils. She pulled a needle, spoon, a little baggie of white stuff, and a rubber tube.
“Whoa, what do we have here?” He said.
“Just something for me.”
“I have never done that!”
“There is a first for everything, C’mon baby, get high with me.”
“OoooKay.” His voice was shaky.
“You can go first.”
“Are you sure?” But he was already holding out his arm relaxed on her thigh. He could feel the scratchiness from her garter against his skin.
She lit the spoon and boiled the contents, then sucked it into the syringe. She tied the tube around his arm and tapped at his veins. One of them popped out begging to be pricked. She pushed on the syringe releasing some liquid and gently stabbed his arm. He laid his head back against the stone.
“It’s cold against my head.” He said.
He started to vomit.
“That will happen, best high after that.” She smiled.
He felt something wrapping around his wrist, then the other one. He could barely hold his head up and his vision was blurry. Handcuffs.
“What are we doing, gettin’ kinky are you?” He slurred his words.
She helped him up and walked him over to the circus death wheel. She propped him up bringing his right arm up above his head, clipped the other end of the handcuff to a metal ring repeating the same for his left arm. She started to tickle him with a feather caressing his nipples, going down on his tummy and along his upper thighs.
“Oh god that feels good.” He said.
She unpinned the diaper and it fell to the floor. She softly placed his penis in her hands and started to stroke in an upwards motion.
“Oh god baby, oh yeah.”
“You like that, naughty lil’ boy.”
She stood back and grabbed a soft pouch from under the table and rolled it open. Twelve small sharp knives gleamed from the candle light. The pouch became a belt around her slim waist. She threw each knife with diligence, the first hitting the back of the wheel next to his head, she went around his body.
Allen started to get antsy. “Hey, this is fun, but the kinky just got crazy. Can we just do what we normally do?”
“But this is so much more enjoyable, Allen, if that is really your name, Mr. Smith. I am so happy you could join me, I am so thrilled that you see me as your party favor. I bet your wife and kids would love to see you now. You disgust me, Allen, don’t you know.”
“What are you saying, Wella, I don’t understand?”
“They are better off without you, Allen Smith.” Her next hit was right between the eyes. The blood started to dribble out of his head, down his nose and dripped onto his chest.
She laughed hard. “That is better, don’t you think Mr. Smith?”
She took her time to get high repeating the ritual as she did with Allen. She un-cuffed him letting his body fall over in a slump. She jammed his arm a few more times with the needle and then pushed his body into the hole of water. He floated briefly before she pushed him under with the end of a broom stick. A quick forceful shove and his body was thrust into the flow of the river beneath them.

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