Age is Time

Imagege is nothing more than a numbered point of time rendered upon humans in order to right-place him/her into a specific, limiting category.  Time defines age, and Americans are obsessed with both. Think about how everyday living is connected to and controlled by time. Let’s make a list: Jobs, kids, school, traffic, RX pick ups, appointments. . . How often in a day do you ask yourself what time it is and feel guilty because you are running late, or need to be doing something else? WE limit and restrain our lives with time, why? Control. One way we can control time is to control age.

Time will come and go no matter how much one may try to control it. Age is stamped, signed and sealed with a date and time. Celebrating this stamped occasion creates a sense of control over life and living. Each year a birthday happens and we bake a cake and open a present to celebrate time, a miracle. Miracles should be celebrated everyday, so really we should have cake everyday. How would America survive if Americans celebrate the moment, and not worry about the time? Would there be chaos? Image

Chaos is controlled by laws, supposedly. How many laws do we have that are connected to age: Drinking Laws, Driving Laws, Marriage Laws, Becoming an Adult Law — which means the government can start taxing you, Voting Laws, Gun Laws, Student Financial Aid Laws, etc. We stamp an age on “it” and “it” becomes the way we live. Who is to say what “it” is? Lawmakers.

Lawmakers break down our society into groups by age and then implement limits to what action is legal and acceptable by that age group. These groups are categorized by Old Age, Middle Age, Teenagers, and Children. It is really a simple form of agism in order for population control. When a stranger asks how old you are it is a form of discrimination. Immediately when the answer is given a sort of judgment is placed upon what that person can be limited to do, or not do — physically, mentally, and sexually.

Image Why did 40 yr old women coin the term, “40 is the new 30.” They are not ready to be thought of as middle aged. And why, because they are still young and vibrant — as much so as a 30 or even a 20 yr old woman. Women, and Men, want the choice to live their life at will. As it will soon be snuffed out because of their age, so they lie. Today’s demands do not match up with age limits. Let go of the categories.

Age is Time, and cannot be controlled. We should celebrate everyday as a miracle and allow it to come and go as it was meant to be. Don’t worry about how old you are, rather how you’re spending your time. You never know when that time will be taken. Remember, society is not the judge of how your time should be limited to its objectives. So go on lie about your age the number is irrelevant.

Image  Age is only a number, a number to count time. Instead of asking how old someone may be, ask them how they spend their time. You may be surprised at the outcome.

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